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Learn how to create your first online course in just 5 days at this fast-track workshop.

Our expert-led process will turn you into a Course Creator Pro, ready to launch your powerful online course right away!
Rachel Reclam
Instructional Designer

Launch Your First Online Course in Just 5 Days!

18 Powerful Course Outlines

View best practice examples of courses and course outlines to get inspired.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Get started creating your first course with a method that's worked for thousands of others!

The Essential WorkBook

Access a super useful workbook to create your online course on track and on time.

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Peter Dervenis
Online Trainer
LearnWorlds and its partners provide a good, comprehensive set of actionable resources on email marketing: including authoritative videos with transcripts, and well written pdf guides and checklists, and blog articles.
Laura Jacquemond
Artist & Course Creator
All the detailed information. How to set up pages, the funnel, the emails, even though I had seen all this before, with your bootcamp it became real, how to do it in real life, not just theory. Plus, the checklists, I love the checklists.

Learn from eLearning Experts

Rachel Reclam

Instructional Designer
My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs and service providers reach their potential through learner-centered training and course design. I help entrepreneurs design, develop, and launch educational content!

Panos Siozos, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder of LearnWorlds
Panos has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology, researching and designing e-learning applications for over 20 years. Panos has extensive work experience as a software engineer, e-learning researcher, and science educator.

Get Your Online Course Ready in 5 Days

What you will learn

Find a Profitable Topic

  • Can you make money with online courses?
  • How to research for a topic
  • Validate an online course idea

Plan the Curriculum

  • How to create an online course outline
  • Templates & Examples of successful online courses
  • Lesson plan templates